Aeolus Service

Aeolus is a service that provides a REST API for the Artemis platform to generate custom build plans for programming exercises. It is designed to be used in combination with the Artemis platform to provide build plans in multiple CI systems, currently Jenkins and LocalCI.

This section outlines how to set up Aeolus in your own Artemis instance.


  • Ensure you have a running instance of Artemis.

  • Set up a running instance of Aeolus. See the Aeolus documentation for more information.

Enable the aeolus Spring profile,localci,localvc,artemis,scheduling,buildagent,core,local,aeolus

Configure the Aeolus Endpoint

The Aeolus service can run on a dedicated machine since Artemis accesses it via a REST API call. We need to extend the configuration in the file src/main/resources/config/application-artemis.yml to include the Aeolus endpoint. How to do this is described in Configure Artemis to use Aeolus.