Text Assessment Analytics Service

Text Assessment Analytics is an internal analytics service used to gather data regarding the features of the text assessment process. Certain assessment events are tracked:

  1. Adding new feedback on a manually selected block

  2. Adding new feedback on an automatically selected block

  3. Deleting a feedback

  4. Clicking to resolve feedback conflicts

  5. Clicking to view origin submission of automatically generated feedback

  6. Hovering over the text assessment feedback impact warning

  7. Editing/Discarding an automatically generated feedback

  8. Clicking the Submit button when assessing a text submission

  9. Clicking the Assess Next button when assessing a text submission

These events are tracked by attaching a POST call to the respective DOM elements on the client side. The POST call accesses the TextAssessmentEventResource which then adds the events in its respective table. This feature is disabled by default. We can enable it by modifying the configuration in the file: src/main/resources/config/application-artemis.yml like so:

   text-assessment-analytics-enabled: true