Markdown Support

Markdown is an easy-to-read, easy-to-write syntax for formatting plain text.

A markdown playground can be found here.

Artemis extends the basic Markdown syntax to support Artemis-specific features. This Artemis flavored Markdown is used to format text content across the platform using an integrated markdown editor.

Integrated Markdown Editor

The markdown editor contains a formatting toolbar at the top, allowing users to format text without learning Markdown syntax.

In addition, images can be uploaded and included by either dragging and dropping them into the editor field or by clicking at the footer of the editor, which brings up the file selection dialog.


The user can switch to a preview of the formatted content by clicking on the Preview button.


Markdown Extensions For Communication

Markdown is also supported in the context of communicating with other users. Here, the Markdown syntax is extended to allow users to reference other messages, lectures, or exercises.



Supported Syntax

The integrated markdown editor uses Showdown. A quick description of the supported syntax can be found here.

The following Showdown extensions are activated: