Common Setup Problems

General Setup Problems

  • Restarting IntelliJ with invalidated caches (File > Invalidate Caches…) might resolve the current issue.

  • When facing issues with deep dependencies and changes were made to the package.json file, executing npm install --force might resolve the issue.

  • When encountering a compilation error due to invalid source release make sure that you have set the Java version properly at 3 places

    • File > Project Structure > Project Settings > Project > Project SDK

    • File > Project Structure > Project Settings > Project > Project Language Level

    • File > Settings > Build, Execution, Deployment > Build Tools > Gradle > Gradle JVM


  • On the first startup, there might be issues with the text_block table. You can resolve the issue by executing ALTER TABLE text_block CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8mb4 COLLATE utf8mb4_unicode_ci; in your database.

  • One typical problem in the development setup is that an exception occurs during the database initialization. Artemis uses Liquibase to automatically upgrade the database scheme after the data model has changed. This ensures that the changes can also be applied to the production server. In case you encounter errors with Liquibase checksum values:

    • Run the following command in your terminal / command line: ./gradlew liquibaseClearChecksums

    • You can manually adjust the checksum for a breaking changelog: UPDATE `DATABASECHANGELOG` SET `MD5SUM` = NULL WHERE `ID` = '<changelogId>'


  • If you are using a machine with limited RAM (e.g. ~8 GB RAM) you might have issues starting the Artemis Client. You can resolve this by following the description in Using the command line

Programming Exercise Setup

Atlassian Setup (Bamboo, Bitbucket and Jira)

  • When setting up the Bamboo, Bitbucket, and Jira, at the same time within the same browser, you might receive the message that the Jira token expired. You can resolve the issue by using another browser for configuring Jira, as there seems to be a synchronization problem within the browser.

  • When you create a new programming exercise and receive the error message The project <ProgrammingExerciseName> already exists in the CI Server. Please choose a different short name! and you have double checked that this project does not exist within the CI Server Bamboo, you might have to renew the trial licenses for the Atlassian products.

    Update Atlassian Licenses You need to create new Atlassian Licenses, which requires you to retrieve the server id and navigate to the license editing page after creating new trial licenses.
    • Bamboo: Retrieve the Server ID and edit the license in License key details (Administration > Licensing)
    • Bitbucket: Retrieve the Server ID and edit the license in License Settings (Administration > Licensing)
    • Jira: Retrieve the Server ID (System > System info) and edit the JIRA Service Desk License key in Versions & licenses
  • When you push new code to Bitbucket (from your local machine or from the online code editor), for a Java or a Kotlin exercise and no result is being displayed in Artemis, check the corresponding Bamboo build plan. If the plan failed and it says “No failed test found. A possible compilation error occurred.”, then check the logs.

    • If it says ./gradlew: Permission denied, then go to the build plan configuration (Actions -> Configure plan -> Default Job) and add chmod +x gradlew to the “Tests” Script before the ./gradlew clean test line.

    • If it says Execution failed for task ':compileJava'. > invalid source release: 17, then change the ./gradlew clean test command in the build configuration to ./gradlew clean test (pointing to the Java installation that you added as a server capability).