General Production Setup Tips

Automatic Cleanup

Artemis runs an automatic scheduled task every night at 03:00 AM that removes

  • old local copies of cloned Git repositories,

  • no longer used build plans on the continuous integration service.

Take this into consideration when scheduling your own automatic jobs like backups, system updates, and reboots.

Maintenance Page

In an nginx proxy, you can define a fallback page that is shown when Artemis is not reachable. Add the special location and error_page directive to the server section for Artemis as shown below. Place the webpage that should be shown in case of Artemis being unreachable (in this case /srv/http/service-down.html) somewhere readable by the system user that runs nginx.

server {
    location /service-down.html {
        root /srv/http;

    location / {
        # regular proxy configuration

    error_page 501 502 503 /service_down.html;

## Gather all Docker Compose-related tips here which are not relevant for developers! .. _docker_compose_setup_prod:

Docker Compose Setup

The development section of the documentation provides a introduction to Docker Compose setups for Artemis. This section provides additional information for administrators.

File Permissions

If you use the production Docker Compose Setups (artemis-prod-*.yml) with bind mounts change the file permissions accordingly:

sudo chown -R $(id -u):70 docker/.docker-data/artemis-postgres-data
sudo chown -R $(id -u):999 docker/.docker-data/artemis-mysql-data
sudo chown -R $(id -u):1337 docker/.docker-data/artemis-data