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Artemis offers different exercise types that have these things in common:

  • Release Date: The date at which the exercise is released to the students. When an exercise does not have a release date, it is shown to the students immediately.

  • Due Date: The date until the students can submit their solution.

  • Assessment Due Date: The date until the tutors should finish the assessment of the student submissions. All assessments prior to this date will be released on the assessment due date.

  • Points: You can achieve points in each exercise. Depending on the exercise configuration these points are not included in the course score, count towards the course score or are used as bonus points.


After receiving an assessment, students can complain once about the assessment of an exercise, if the instructor enabled this option. A complaint leads to a reevaluation of the submission by another tutor. The student can also write an additional text when submitting a complaint to justify the reevaluation.

The instructor can set a maximum number of allowed complaints per course. These so-called tokens are used for each complaint. If the tutor accepts the complaint, the token is given back to the student. So a student can submit as many complaints as they want, as long as they are accepted.

More Feedback Requests

Another possibility after receiving an assessment is the More Feedback Request. In comparison to the complaints they do not cost a token, but the score cannot be changed by the tutor after a feedback request.


Sending a More Feedback Request removes the option to complain about the assessment entirely. Even if the tutor made a mistake during the first assessment and acknowledges this during the More Feedback Request, the score cannot be changed.