File Upload Exercise

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Conducting a file upload exercise consists of 3 steps:

  1. Instructor prepares exercise: Creates and configures the exercise in Artemis.

  2. Student solves exercise: Creates a submission file, and uploads it.

  3. Instructor assesses submissions: Review the handed in files and create manual results for the students.


The following sections describe the supported features and the process of creating a new file upload exercise.

  • Open course-management

  • Navigate into Exercises of your preferred course

  • Click on Create new file upload exercise

  • Fill out all mandatory values and click on save

  • The exercise specific File Pattern defines which file types students can upload as solution.


    Result: File Upload Exercise

  • Click the edit button of the file upload exercise and adapt the interactive problem statement. There you can also set release and due dates.

  • You can get an overview of the exercise by clicking on the title.

Student Submission

  • When the exercise is released the students can upload the requested file.

  • They can choose a file with browse and then submit the file with submit.

  • After a file was uploaded it can then be downloaded again with the link below.



  • When the due date is over you can assess the submissions. From the assessment dashboard go to exercise assessment dashboard of the file upload exercise.

  • There you can assess the submitted student submissions, by first downloading the file, and then creating feedback with points.