Code Review


0. Precondition -> only Developer

1. Start Implementation -> only Developer

2. Implementation is “done” -> only Developer

  • Make sure all steps in the Checklist are completed

  • Add or update the “Steps for Testing” in the description of your pull request

  • Mark the pull request as ready for review

  • Make sure that the changes in the pull request are only the ones necessary

3. Review -> only Reviewer

  • Perform the “Steps for Testing” and verify that the new functionality is working as expected

  • Verify that related functionality is still working as expected

  • Check the Changes to conform with the code style

  • Make sure you can easily understand the code

  • Make sure that (extensive) comments are present where deemed necessary

  • Performance is reasonable (e.g. Number of database queries or HTTP calls)

  • Submit your comments and status (Approve or Request Changes) using GitHub

4. Respond to review -> Developer & Reviewer


  • Use the pull request to discuss comments or ask questions

  • Update your code where necessary

  • Notify the reviewer(s) once your revised version is ready for the next review

  • Comment on “inline comments” (e.g. “Done”)


  • Respond to questions raised by the reviewer

  • Mark Conversations as Resolved if the change is sufficient

Iterate steps 3 & 4 until ready for merge (= all reviewers approve (thumbs up) )

4. Merge

A Project Maintainer merges your changes to develop